WGH Group was formed with a mission to bridge the gaps in healthcare. We assist organizations and communities in identifying their gaps and then providing the people, education, training, and programmatic assistance to address the needs.

WGH Group offers diverse and deep experience—and a collaborative spirit—to every project. We work alongside healthcare teams at all levels to achieve practical and cost-effective solutions. Ultimately, we strive to improve each patient’s journey of care, strengthening the whole community.

WGH Group, LLC began in 2013 under the joint partnership between Dr. Mike Wilcox and Kai Hjermstad, with the goal of utilizing emergency medical service providers to assist in community-based healthcare. The genesis came after years of observing disparities in healthcare access. The aim was to serve members of these disadvantaged communities, including communities of color, older populations, and those dealing with disabilities, regardless of whether they lived in urban and rural settings.

In Tribute to

Kai Hjermstad


Kai embarked upon a new area of work as a Paramedic, the Community Paramedic initiative, without any thought as to personal gain or improved status within the EMS system of Minnesota. With his drive, the educational process to become a CP has become nationally and internationally admired and respected. It is through his tenacious attitude and hard work that the CP is now regarded as an important member of the health care team.

He was a mentor to many instructors and students alike and urged everyone to think outside their own box by asking thought-provoking questions and challenging them to have a wider mindset.

Besides his devotion to his career, he was equally devoted to his family as it was at the heart of everything he did. Although he is no longer here, he is with us at the center of every conversation, project, and program that WGH and everyone else he touched with his boisterous laugh and kind-hearted demeanor.