We offer direct patient care and turn-key program management. We also provide consultation services around medical direction and improvement efforts. Our education & training is built in to our direct patient care programs, but may also be utilized as a stand-alone service. We also offer healthcare professional life coaching services.

Direct Patient Care

Our clinical providers work to the top of their licensure to provide the most appropriate, cost-effective and timely care needed for patients to heal and thrive.

We work throughout the 7-county Twin Cities metro area and select rural counties of Minnesota. Our core services include:

  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Elderly Patient Care
  •  Point of Care Testing, IV Starts, EKGs, etc.
  • Pregnancy and Postpartum Monitoring
  • Point of Care Testing (IV Starts, EKGs, etc.)
  • Mobile and site-based COVID testing and vaccine clinics

Additional Services


We help to create the return on investment our clients are seeking through our consulting services, including medical direction and mobile health program development.

We help with developing programs, operations, quality assurance, measurement and evaluation. Whatever the goals are, we can help.

Our staff has years of experience and expertise creating programs and helping clients implement customized patient-centered solutions for success.

Education & Training

WGH Group specializes in curriculum development, training and integration of CP and C-EMT programs into existing frameworks to support the needs of our clients.

We provide virtual and on-site training for your providers that includes a telehealth component as needed.

We help communities through our education and training efforts to start and sustain their own mobile healthcare program.

Professional Coaching

High turnover and difficulty hiring employees are commonplace among healthcare organizations today. Healthcare staff deal with long hours, work-related trauma, with increased mental health issues as a result.

We offer life coaching sessions with a lens on healthcare professionals and their unique circumstances. Goal-setting, mentoring, motivating, encouraging, listening and advising are the pillars of life-coaching.

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Highlighted Projects

  • Full service, on-demand COVID-19 testing and vaccination clinics in partnership with Minnesota county health departments

  • Correctional Facility Healthcare – all hours on-demand urgent care, assessments, point of care testing, and referrals

  • Chronic Care treatment in Skilled Nursing Facilities – point of care testing, EKGs, patient assessments, post-acute procedure check-ins, chronic disease monitoring

  • Paving the Way, a CP home visiting program for at-risk pregnant mothers

  • Bringing the Numbers Down, a CP home-visiting program in collaboration with Scott County, to help the Latinx community members at risk for diabetes and hypertension.

How To Work with WGH Group

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